It's an outdated, adversarial paradigm.

In our view, to succeed in the future, solution providers need to forget this old way of thinking and embrace our ‘peer and peer’ collaboration model to open doors that otherwise will remain closed.

This transition is a journey from seller to peer.

And we take you on it.

Making the journey

We have a thirty-strong team of community builders, managers, organisers and solutions specialists dedicated to helping you to engage with the peers in our network who most need your products.

We build a custom-fit strategy and deliver a simple execution using a mix of proven and trusted systems and methodologies.

We use these resources to transition your business from a seller in a market to a valued peer in a community to put you at the heart of the conversations that will shape your future success.

What our customers say

McKeon Group

Irish Construction Group

McKeon Group worked with BusinessRiver to reach into key business communities we felt we could add value to. It was important for us to have a strong profile but we also wanted to be able to engage with key people in a different way. BusinessRiver gave us the opportunity to let the peers in these communities know who we are but more importantly, what we know. We’re convinced this is the best way to grow new business in the future.

Guidant IRC

part of Impellam Group

It is important for Guidant IRC, as a global organisation, to have the right positioning locally as we expand our services into the Irish market. We wanted the right opportunity that aligned with our business strategy and how we engage in the marketplace. BusinessRiver worked closely with us to develop a bespoke series of meetings that positioned our business as experts in front of the right people. It is helping us on our business journey in the Irish market at this moment and we are looking forward to continue our relationship with their collaborative peer-led model.

Fiontar Safety & Consultants

Irish Consultancy

Fiontar’s strategy is to grow into the biggest construction consultancy in Ireland and to do that we have to reach into the sectors that we operate in. What BusinessRiver have been able to do for our company is input our brand into key communties in a dynamic and collaborative way. Whether it is speaking at conferences as a thought leader or engaging with peer-leaders through award programmes, we have been invited into stronger business conversations, which will help us achieve our goals.

Next Steps

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To maintain relevance in the future sales environment, you have to be valued for your knowledge as much as for what you sell. At BusinessRiver we put businesses at the heart of business conversations as valid, influential peers.

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What our customers say

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